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Local Phone to Call and Text: (480) 656-5353
Fax: (480) 323-2679

WE NEED YOUR HELP!! September 11, 2018, we were ordered to vacate Old Town Scottsdale by Karen Churchard of the Tourism and Events Department. Email us, you may request a copy of the "Dear John Letter" that we received from Ms. Chruchard and the City of Scottsdale, with the emails that told us "it didn't make sense to have subsidized Stagecoach Rides and Carriages Rides in Old Town." Our existing contract with the City of Scottsdale was prematurely canceled by Ms. Churchard, without cause to terminate. We went in front of the City Council and petitioned the City to honor our existing contract, and not force out the last full service Horse and Carriage Business left in Scottsdale, and in the State of Arizona. As it stands, we are to vacate Old Town before the end of the year and there will be no more Stagecoach Rides or Carriage Rides, or Wagon Art Walk Rides in Old Town Scottsdale.

    We ask for your help if you want horses in Old Town Scottsdale, please send emails to the following:
City Manager, Jim Thompson
Mayor Jim Lane,
Councilmember Suzanne Klapp,
Councilmember Virginia Korte,
Councilmember Kathy Littlefield,
Councilmember Linda Milhaven,
Vice Mayor Guy Phillips,
Councilmemberf David Smith,

A deep heart filled thank you with our gratitude, to all those who love the horses like we do and do not want them to leave Old Town Scottsdale. May God Bless you all.


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